Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Running @ Work

I have been doing this for a while, but lately I have been thinking how lucky I am to have this luxury.

Luckily, my boss is super-flexible with my schedule and I have some great co-workers who are also runners.

The number one question I am always asked is "do you shower after?" And simply the answer is NO. I am the first to admit that I am a SWEATY girl, but I am not a STINKY me I've done a small poll.

Running at work is not as hard or as gross as you think.

Here are my tips for running at work:

1) Just in case, always tell work your boss and/or co-workers your planned route. Safety first people! Running with someone else is always a good choice too!

2) Use one of those great websites like Map My Run to plan out your route in advance, taking notices of your distance, but also picking less congested streets to run on. I work in Downtown LA people, trust me it can be done!

3) Vary your routine. Have an afternoon meeting? Run in the morning ( its probably cooler anyways). Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Run at noon to re-energize the rest of your day.

4) Since you are using your break time to exercise, plan to pack your lunch and prepare to eat at your desk. This has an added benefit. You can't go grab greasy takeout with co-workers. Saves money and calories. And you are more likely to plan your meals ahead of time which may lead to some healthier food choices and its cheaper!

5) If hitting the streets is not an option for you, you can run at a local gym and log some treadmill time. This saves you from three potential challenges: safety (you are in doors) , access to showers (if you are super concerned about your stank!) and weather!

6) If you don’t have access to showering facilities at work, like me, ( and who does really?!?!) I created myself a little "desk kit" of products to "freshen up" for the rest of the day:

-Deodorant...self explanatory...

-Face wash (who wants to sit for 8 hours with sweaty face, that is a welcome invitation for pimples! no thanks!)

-Baby Wipes or Sports Wipes to wipe away sweat and salty post-run residue from head-to-toe. I have used the Nathan Shower Wipes, and I like them, but they are pricey. ( My runner friend just uses plain old Huggies diaper wipes ( cucumber-melon scent) and she says they work just at good...and its an economical choice. Mental note, add that to the Target list...

-Brush and/or Hairdryer (in case you really need to look polished). Otherwise I got with the trusty sleek, low bun. Looks stylish and professional and its easy!

-Extra bobby pins, hair bands, etc...what girl doesn't already have a small collection with her anyways?

Anyone who is avid exerciser or runner knows its all about fitting it in and if that means running at work than so be it. Hey, its one less thing to do after work...and I like that!

Happy Running!

PS: Now if I could only convince my boss to get me one of these...

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